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Unofficial information, to be used with caution.
In use not for navigation, but only for flight verification.
Always check official aviation publications for up-to-date and accurate information.

XC Soar

To use map files, turn points and Airspaces copy and paste them on your XC Soar DATA folder. Then you’ll just have to select them in XCsoar via Config System Files

Source: The majority of turn point files come from soaringweb.org

XC Soar Profiles

Each flight has its XC Soar profile !

To use these profiles on your Aquila, transfer the file to the XC Soar DATA folder. When launching the software, just after selecting FLY or SIM, choose the desired profile.

For those who wish to cross country fly

This profile dedicated to cross country flights and tasks consists of two navigation pages :

  • Thermal: to be used during thermalling, this page gathers altitude, height, average Vz in thermal and task management informations…
  • Transition: to be use during transitions, this page gathers glide ratio, distance to the airfield, OLC distance …

Safety margin: A 200 m margin is included for all calculations of glide ratio and finish height


For those who want to fly in competition mode

This profile, dedicated for task flying, consists of three navigation pages:

  • Task : to use be used during AST tasks, this page gathers useful informations such as average speed, distance to the next turnpoint, average thermals…
  • AAT: to be used in AAT tasks
  • Final Glide : to be used to manage your final glide, you will find information of required glide ratio, distance to finish, Mc Cready setting…

Safety margin: No margin is included


Files that can be useful